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The 13 Highest-Grossing Horror Film Franchises Share Collections. The worldwide distributor share figures is given here after adding dubbed versions of Tollywood movies. The distributor shares are net gross. #1–100 - #101–200 - #201–300 - #301–400 - #401–500 - #501–600 - #601–688 Note: RELEASE DATE shows all movies that opened in a given. Media Entertainment 8/20/2015 @ 8:30AM 444,031 views The World's Highest-Paid Actresses 2015: Jennifer Lawrence Leads With $52 Million. Chart of all time worldwide box office grosses, combining domestic and foreign grosses. “Coco,” Pixar’s latest, critically-acclaimed animated feature, is now Mexico’s highest grossing movie of all-time. The film crossed the mark a week before. The World's Highest-Paid Actresses 2015 - Forbes. Frozen Box-Office Records Broken: Fifth Highest Grossing.

List of highest-grossing animated films - Wikipedia. Highest-grossing animated films by animation type Computer animation. The following chart is a list of the highest-grossing computer animated films. 98% of films.

Top 10 Highest grossing Bollywood Movies of AllTime based on their box office collection. This list has highest grossing worldwide films. 2013 Yearly Box Office Results - Box Office. Highest-grossing horror movies of all time:. List of highest-grossing films - Wikipedia. List of highest-grossing Telugu movies - Simple English.

Top 10 Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies Top Highest grossing 10 Indian (Bollywood, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil) Movies in 2017 by Box Office Collection. Highest grossing film franchises and series worldwide. Top 10 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies Pixar's 'Coco' Becomes Mexico's Highest Grossing Top 20 Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies of AllTime. The Alien franchise is the highest-grossing horror movie franchise with a total worldwide gross standing at $1.5 billion unadjusted for inflation. Highest grossing movies of 2013 worldwide.

All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses. Here is the list of Top 10 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies of all time. With a worldwide box-office gross of about $2.8 billion, Avatar is often proclaim.

With a worldwide box-office gross of over $2.7 billion, Avatar is often proclaimed to be the "highest-grossing" film, but such claims usually refer to theatrical. Fervor for the latest take on Stephen King's "It" has pushed the new film near the top of the list of the highest-grossing horror films in history.

Frozen's Latest Title — Fifth-Highest Grossing Movie Ever — Is Less Impressive Than It Sounds. This statistic provides information on the highest grossing film franchises and series of all time as of May 2018. The Marvel Cinematic Universe series

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